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Underfloor Heating Systems

Underfloor heating systems provide home owners with a balanced radiant heat throughout the home. Hot water underfloor heating systems supply efficiency at low water temperatures. In addition, they are an ideal match with renewable energy heat sources and contribute to a more energy efficient home.

As the industry develops, we’ve noticed a year on year increase in demand for underfloor heating systems. Because of the demand for higher energy efficient homes, underfloor heating systems are becoming a go to choice.


Underfloor heating provides energy efficient heating across the home. Joules underfloor heating system is built with latest technologies to be the most efficient underfloor heating system on the market.

Why Joule Underfloor Heating System?

Joule provide a bespoke underfloor heating system design for each and every project. We stock a wide range of underfloor heating systems designed to work with any type of floor construction. As a result, our underfloor heating systems can be installed within screed, suspended or floating floors.

Underfloor heating by Joule provides many practical benefits including a more comfortable environment and flexibility to design the interior of your build without the physical constraints of radiators. Whether integrated with a gas boiler or renewable heat source, our underfloor heating provides an efficient and environmentally friendly solution.


Joule underfloor heating system are manufactured with latest technologies. Our underfloor heating systems are highly efficient and compatible with other renewable energy sources.

Our underfloor heating system warms a room using balanced radiant heat. Heating a room this way is more comfortable than heating a room by air alone as you do with radiators. Renewable heat is easier to produce efficiently at low water temperatures, improving the efficiency of the heat pump and reducing running costs. Underfloor heating supplied by Joule uses low temperature water, providing an ideal match with renewable energy heat sources.

We supply a range of renewable energy sources compatible with our underfloor heating, including solar and heat pumps.


Underfloor heating systems by Joule are compatible with heat pumps, hot water cylinders and solar thermal.


New Builds & Joule Underfloor Heating Systems

Underfloor heating offers greater design flexibility when it comes to interior layout. Joule underfloor heating systems comply fully with building and regulatory requirements and are perfect for new builds. With proven design proficiency and experience in a large range of projects, Joule is a partner you can trust.

Joule’s underfloor heating systems massively benefit customers and installers too. Along with our underfloor systems being simple to install and easy to use, we also provide installers with installation guides, site visits, user manuals and on site back up.

We have supplied Joule underfloor heating systems across the country. Take a look at our latest underfloor heating installation.

Joule supply underfloor heating to installers and plumbers across the country. Here is our latest underfloor heating installation in Ireland.

If you’re looking to install underfloor heating or find out a little more then get in touch with us at Joule. Our team are happy to assist you with your bespoke design.


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