Supplying Energy Efficient Heating to Ireland

Domestic Cylinders

Joule offer a complete range of premium un-vented hot water cylinders.

Manufactured from premium materials, premium casing, quick recovery coils and all the fittings included.
The Cyclone brand is noted for its attractive grey finish.

Built on quality and performance, with one of the widest ranges of models available you can be sure there is a model to suit.
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Commercial Cylinders

Solar compatible versions are available.

SmarTherm by Joule commercial cylinders have been designed to be lightweight for ease of installation.
SmartTherm by Joule are manufactured complete with all quality fittings according to model.

10 years warranty for all SmarTherm commercial cylinders.
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InvaVent by Joule ventilation systems provides a fresh air supply, reducing the concentration of harmful pollutants in your home.

The InvaVent ventilation system will help expel a build-up of pollutants, bacteria and moisture quickly and efficiently.
Mechanical Ventilation & Heat Recovery, Mechanical Extract Ventilation and Demand Controlled Ventilation.

Removing stale, damp air and replacing it with clean, fresh filtered air creates a healthier environment with fewer pollutants.
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Among all the benefits of solar panels, the most important thing is that solar energy is a truly renewable energy source unlike other source of energy.

All Joule solar panel systems have been tested up to 4 time the requirements of EN12975: 1-2.
Joule solar panels come with an easy to install frame that ensures the solar panel is securely fixed and mounted to the roof every time.

Solar thermal systems by Joule are fully integrated solutions to meet most hot water needs.
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Heat Pumps

Joule heat pumps use the heat from ambient air, which is a free renewable energy source, for heating and hot water.

Using a Joule Heat Pump system is an energy efficient and environmentally friendly solution.
Heat pumps are compatible with Cyclone Hot Water Cylinders, InvaHeat Underfloor Heating and Riva Aluminium Radiators.

Offering heating capacity of 90% at -10C and reliable ant freezing protection at -20C.
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Joule Riva radiators reduce water content 38% less than standard steel radiators.

With its sleek, modern slim design, Joule radiators allows for installation in specific areas whilst providing the ideal design of a modern dwelling.
The performance of Joule radiators perfectly combines with modern heating systems and is an effective response to the needs for reduction of energy costs.

The Riva radiators have 30% more output than steel radiators.
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Underfloor Heating

With rising costs in energy pricings, InvaHeat underfloor heating is the perfect solution due to its lower temperature than radiators, but an even heat throughout a room, allowing for cheaper running costs, yet a more efficient heating system.

Joule underfloor heating system not only causes a more pleasurable heat source, it also allows for cleaner air in every room.
Underfloor heating systems works by radiating heating from the floor to the roof, allowing for an even ambient temperature around the body, thus allowing pleasant warmth at a lower temperature than conventional heaters.

Joule underfloor heating systems can be installed within a variety of different floor constructions such as screed, suspended and floating floors.
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Online Tools


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Underfloor Heating

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