Samsung Heat Pump Combined With Manufacturing Excellence


New and Improved Samsung Heat Pumps

Over the past few months our research and development department here at Joule have been dedicated towards refining our industry leading hot water cylinder and heat pump combination.


As technologies advance and renewable energy sources are continuously performing to a higher standard, we have worked with Samsung to provide optimised software compatible with our Cyclone cylinder range producing new and improved efficiency figures across the Samsung range.


With our track record of manufacturing excellence and Samsung’s unrivalled experience in the electric heating industry means we have formed a solid partnership, ensuring your experiences with our products such as our industry leading SmartPlumb and air to water heat pump package perform at optimum level.



With focus on developing nearly Zero Energy Buildings Joule and Samsung are leading the industry with providing a suitable heat pump package.


We have developed a wide ranging portfolio of solutions for heating and hot water systems, understanding that great products need great system designs to ensure complete customer satisfaction.


We acknowledge the fact that industry leading heating systems such as our SmartPlumb and Samsung consolidation are only as strong as their weakest component.


With this in mind we aspire to continue to further refine our already accomplished leading technologies to meet customer satisfaction at the highest level.


Joule have fully qualified mechanical and electrical engineers on hand to offer a complete bespoke package with every Joule, Samsung heat pump system. Contact Joule for updated Samsung heat pump figures.

Joules New Updated Hot Water Efficiency Results

Click here to view our updated efficiency results.


What is Nearly Zero Energy Buildings (nZEB)?


Nearly Zero Energy Buildings (nZEB) are buildings both residential and commercial that have a very high energy performance either being nearly zero or very low.


The definition of nZEB is that the nearly zero or very low amount of energy required should be covered to a very significant extent by energy from renewable sources, including energy from renewable sources.


Current building regulations for new buildings propose that only 10% of energy must come from a renewable energy source. In April 2019, part of the NZEB regulations, this has now been increase to 20% which results in a 100% increase in renewable energy.