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Free Snickers Jacket with Joule Ventilation

We’ve launched our latest promotion. With every Joule ventilation system designed and supplied, we’re giving installers a free Joule Snickers Softshell Jacket.  All you need to do is visit our Promotions Page to register for yours.

About Joule InvaVent Ventilation

Joule supplies complete systems from mechanical ventilation & heat recovery, mechanical extract and also demand control ventilation. Each InvaVent system is carefully designed and installed so correct ventilation rates and energy efficiency are at optimum level.

The systems supplied by Joule control indoor air quality by diluting and displacing indoor pollutants efficiently. Designing the correct ducting with each system ensures the highest efficiency with low energy use.

Demand Control Ventilation

Demand Controlled Ventilation (DCV) is an automatic adjustment of ventilation equipment according to the choice of the home owner. DCV is a control method that modulates the volume exchange of fresh air or outside air into an enclosed space, by mechanical air conditioning equipment.

The InvaVent by Joule DCV system applies humidity sensitive technology to air inlets, grilles and exhaust units, located in rooms where humidity reflects the level of indoor pollution (lounge, bedrooms, bathrooms).

Mechanical Extract Ventilation

The InvaVent Mechanical Extract Ventilation systems are predominantly used in dwellings and apartments with five wet rooms or less (dwellings up to 300m² / 3200 sq ft). The sleek compact mechanical extraction unit is generally installed in the roof space and ducted to all wet rooms. The low energy unit runs at a low ventilation rate. It continuously extracts stale polluted air from rooms where the most moisture is generated, such as kitchens and bathrooms.

Fresh air is normally provided from outside to habitable rooms by trickle ventilators fitted on windows. This creates a flow of clean fresh air throughout the dwelling. The extract air is ducted from “wet rooms” to the outside and the extract rate is normally boosted at times when excessive moisture is being generated. This typically occurs while cooking or bathing.

Mechanical Ventilation & Heat Recovery

The InvaVent Mechanical Ventilation & Heat Recovery systems by Joule, control the quality of air and heat levels in a home, adding to people’s wellbeing and enjoyment of the space. Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery removes stale damp air and replaces it with pre-warmed fresh filtered air creating a healthier environment with fewer pollutants.

Fresh air is supplied into the mechanical ventilation & heat recovery system via an external wall vent or roof cowl. The air distribution duct system supplies fresh air at the correct temperature to individual rooms as needed and vents the extract air to the outside. Up to 96% of the heat is recovered from the extract air and transferred to the fresh air. No matter what system suits your project, Joule has the right solution.

You can view the full range of  Joule Ventilation systems here.

How to Claim Your Free Snickers Jacket

If you buy a designed and installed Joule Ventilation system, as an installer, you are eligible to avail of the promotion (while stocks last).  To claim your free Snickers softshell jacket, just visit our Promotion Page to register for the offer.

About Joule

We’re a leading manufacturer and supplier of energy efficient ventilation systems, underfloor heating, solar panels and cylinders. You can contact us here and we’ll be delighted to discuss any project you have planned; commercial, industrial or in your home.


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