Joule InvaVent for Kildare New Build




Joule InvaVent and 2019 New Builds

The start of 2019 continues to see a strong growth in new builds in Ireland. Increasingly developers are looking for smart, sustainable and cost-efficient heating and ventilation systems for new homes.

Joule are at the forefront of design and development, with the InvaVent range of complete ventilation systems. We’ve already started 2019 collaborating on a new housing development in Clane, Co. Kildare with Westin Homes. We’re bringing our newest Demand Control Ventilation system to their latest detached and semi-detatched housing scheme. Kildare based installers, Green Oak Energy are delivering Joule ventilation to every home in the development. Joule InvaVent ensures precise ventilation rates and optimum energy efficiency.

Ventilation Systems Key to Efficiency and Comfort

It’s not just manufacturers, builders and installers that recognise the benefits of mechanical and heat recovery in new builds. Home buyers do too. Environmental concerns, energy efficiency and financial savings are all things which new home owners are not only looking for, but expect when looking at new builds. Buyers are looking for ways to reduce heat loss from their houses and to ensure air quality and comfort in their new homes.

Ventilation systems are no longer a mystery to buyers. They’re doing their research and want easy to use, energy efficient and greener ways of living. At Joule, we’ve been developing our most advanced systems to date, improving air quality and displacing indoor pollutants in the most cost and energy efficient way possible.

InvaVent Demand Control Ventilation in Demand

Our latest collaboration in Kildare, uses the The InvaVent by Joule Demand Control Ventilation (DCV). It provides an automatic adjustment of ventilation equipment, according to the needs and preference of the individual home owner. Ease of use and maintenance is key to providing what the new home buyer is looking for.

DCV is a control method that modulates the volume exchange of fresh air or outside air into an enclosed space such as a home or office space by mechanical air conditioning equipment. The system applies humidity sensitive technology to air inlets, grilles, and exhaust units located in rooms where humidity reflects the level of indoor pollution (lounge, bedrooms, bathrooms).

2019 will see an increase in consumer confidence and knowledge around new ways of heating and ventilating homes. They want information in areas such as removing damp air from bath and shower rooms and introducing filtered fresh air to living areas. Developers and installers are rising to the challenge. Joule is delighted to be leading the way in providing them with the technology and products to do so.



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