New Cylinder Service Guide for Consumers Launched


Hot Water Association Launches New Consumer Guide

In the first of its kind, the Hot Water Association (HWA) has launched a new consumer guide, giving homeowners essential information on keeping hot water cylinders in their best condition. The Homeowners Guide to Unvented Hot Water Cylinder Servicing gives consumers a handle on when to have cylinders serviced, who to contact and how to know that a good job has been done.

The HWA aims to be recognised as the leading organisation, when it comes to domestic hot water storage. It’s also involved in the promotion of good standards within the industry. A division of the Energy and Utilities Alliance (EUA), it works with manufacturers, installers and agents alike, in promoting quality work and services in the sector. The new guide is part of that work. It gives homeowners the knowledge they need to make sure that they are getting the most from their hot water system.

Cylinder Servicing Tips for Home Owners

The new cylinder servicing guide for consumers is designed to equip homeowners with the knowledge they need to make sure that they are getting the best from their hot water system. From identifying the type of system you have at home to knowing when to get it your cylinder serviced, the guide gives you all the tips you need.

Key to maintaining your cylinder is making sure that you have a qualified person carry out any service, upgrade or replacement. The Homeowners Guide gives you a run-down on what your engineer should do when carrying out a service. From checking for damage to assessing the condition of expansion valves, the guide gives you an idea of what your engineer will look for and what they will check out, when servicing the cylinder.

Best Practice Approach

The Hot Water Association is focussing on a best practice approach when it comes to looking after the needs of the domestic cylinder customer. Regular cylinder servicing from a qualified engineer is key when it comes to making sure you are getting the best from your hot water system. The new Homeowners Guide  sets out industry standards, legal compliance and consumer protection in an easy to read and straightforward way. It also educates consumers on the standards they should expect when an engineer services a cylinder in their home. The guide is the new go-to for home owners when it comes to cylinder servicing.

You can download the Homeowners Guide to Unvented Hot Water Cylinder Servicing here.

Manufacturer Manuals Key to Good Maintenance

The Hot Water Association is keen to let consumers know that “manufacturers’ instructions are an indispensable reference document whenever an unvented water heater service is undertaken” and advises to keep manuals in a safe place. Joule customers can access our cylinder manuals, specifications and guides in our online Knowledge Centre so you always have all the information you need, to hand.

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