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Victorum Compact Exhaust Air Heat Pump


A Victorum EAHP system Combines the aspects of both a conventional air source heat pump and a mechanical extract ventilation system (MEV) to provide 100% of the space heating requirements and DHW demand for a well-insulated apartment unit. Ensuring compliance with domestic ventilation regulations and working efficiently can reduce your home’s energy consumption for heating by up to 50% compared to conventional heating systems. Unlike the Victorum pre-plumb version this range is all cased within a single sleek white casing. The unit can be moved around in 2 pieces and assembled when in its final location.

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  • All in one compact white cased design
  • Standalone heating, hot water & ventilation system
  • Satisfies 100% of heating and hot water demand
  • Whole house mechanical extract ventilation (MEV)
  • Energy recycled from the apartment
  • Full compliance with Part L and SAP using an all-electric solution

Design Team & Support Service

Joule’s team of inhouse building services engineers provide free of charge layout drawings for the project. Both ventilation and LTWH layout drawings and schematics are supplied as part of our overall service. We will also attend any design team and site meetings as it required during the project. Our team of service and commissioning engineers are  on hand to provide support with regard to installation queries and commissioning and handover. Click on the below to view a sample dwelling drawing for this product.


The Victorum compact unit requires one power supply. The heatpump requires a 32amp breaker with a localised isolator switch. If the unit is not been fitted with a central BMS it requires a 2 core shielded flex cable from the unit to an outside location for the mounting of the external temp sensor. This sensor should not be mounted in a location that is exposed to direct sunlight if at all possible. The system is controlled by its own room thermostat that is ideally located in the living room of the dwelling. This will always be the case unless the dwelling is been heated by underfloor heating in which case the heatpump thermostat will be left with the heatpump and the homeowner will control the heating system using the underfloor heating thermostats. If the heatpump thermostat is been used a Belden cable of spec 8723 type along with a 2 core flex cable should be fitted between the heatpump and stat location.


The Victorum compact system is a sleek white cased system that assembles into a single piece like a fridge. The unit comes in 2 pieces to allow for easy movement and installation. It can come in one or two heating zones. As with all heatpumps flow rates are a consideration. Correct filling and balancing of the system are required to ensure perfect operation. 10mm or microbore pipework should not be used. Flush carts rather than mains connected filling loops should be used to correctly flush and purge the system. Each radiator or underfloor heating circuit needs to be purged in isolation.


Most energy-consuming products are required to have an energy label. Energy labels are used to identify energy efficient products that will save the consumer money in the long term. The aim of the Ecodesign legislation is to improve the energy efficiency of Energy-related Products (ErP) on the market by setting higher product standards. Click here to download the ErP data for this product.


The unit is a central mechanical extract ventilation system. This means it extracts from the wet rooms and dumps the waste air outside. The supply air is done passively through ducted valves in the habitable rooms. Each extract valve in the wet rooms should be connected to a 204x60mm flat-pack duct and when 2 or more valves are joined together the flat-pack duct should increase to 220x90mm. for dwellings within the capacity range of the Victorum, there will seldom be a requirement to go to any larger ducting. Circular ducting can also be used. Joule provides ducting layout drawings for different dwelling types within the development. Consideration should always be given for ducting crossing fire zones. The supply ducting should be 204x60mm and serve individual supply valves in each relevant room.

Victorum EAHP Specification

Item Number


Total Heating Capacity

5 Kw

Total Compressor Output

2 Kw

Max Circuit Amps (MCA)


Max Fuse Amps (MFA)


COP (A20, W35)



R 134a

Max Flow Temperature


Max Vent Flow Rate Heating:


Ventilation Rate Speed

50-350 m3/h









Air Inlet/ Outlet Connections:



For Space Heating

I.S. EN 14825

For Hot Water

I.S EN 16147

Test Conditions

I.S EN 14511

Cyclone Cylinder Specification
Capacity / Item No




Cylinder Material

Stainless Steel Duplex LDX 2101

Thermal Insulation Thermal Insulation Polyurethane foam CFC-Free & HCFC Free
Coil Material

Stainless Steel Tube AISI 316L

Weight (empty) kg

47 kg

Weight (full) kg

244 kg

Max. Operating Pressure

5 (bar)

Test Pressure

10 (bar)

Max. Working Temperature

90 c

Heating Elements

1. No. Incoloy Immersion

Heat Loss

81 W

Energy Efficiency Class C C

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