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Note: Alternatively you can email design@jouleuk.co.uk with your plans and details with the subject ‘Amazon Promo’

Quick Quote, Quick Delivery

Get a same day quote when you upload your plans on our website by 3PM and if you order by 1PM you can get next day delivery from the merchant you want to purchase from.

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Step 1

Upload your plans for a free same day quote

Step 2

Take the quote with the Joule quote number to your preferred merchant

Step 3

The order will be shipped out for delivery the next day*

Step 4

Joule will email you your Amazon voucher*

How to choose the right system for your home?

Struct Matt Plate Screed  Clip Clip and Rail
New Build
Ground Floor
1st Floor, Concrete Slab
1st Floor Joist

The perfect solution designed

At Joule we correctly design & indemnify your proposed underfloor heating installation. Our experts can help design the perfect system for your home and needs. Systems will be designed to ensure a high level of comfort and energy efficiency for the homeowner and with our comprehensive product range we can offer solutions for any project or budget.

Terms and Conditions

  1. The offer is open for a limited time only and may discontinue at any time.
  2. The offer is only available where the quote request has come through the Joule website.
  3. Joule do not take responsibility for delays due to transport outside of our control.
  4. Joule reserve the right to terminate the promotion at any time.
  5. This promotion is only valid for orders on Under Floor Heating.

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