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Exhaust Air HP

Victorum exhaust air heat pump Benefits

A Victorum EAHP system Combines the aspects of both a conventional air source heat pump and a mechanical extract ventilation system (MEV) to provide 100% of the space heating requirements and DHW demand of a well insulated apartment unit. Ensuring compliance with domestic ventilation regulations and when working efficiently, it can reduce your home’s energy consumption for heating by up to 50% when compared to conventional heating systems.

  • Stand alone heating, hot water & ventilation system
  • Satisfies 100% of heating and hot water demand
  • Whole house mechanical extract ventilation (MEV)
  • Energy recycled from the apartment
  • Lower running costs
  • Heat pump COP of up to 490% (A20/W35)
  • Lower capex and opex cost versus district heating
  • No occupier standing charges or scheme management fees

BOSS Controller

The Victorum EAHP BOSS controller can function as a BMS in its own right or it can be tailored to work with the main BMS system to meet client requirements. The BOSS Controller is available in two versions the BOSS Mini which is capable of servicing up to 30 individual units or the BOSS Pro controller which is capable of up to 300 units with further expansion available by addition of second controller meaning the BOSS system can suit any site scale. The BOSS controller can be tailored to have various levels of access and functionality depending on the client’s requirements. Full functionality allows adjustments to be made and software updated remotely.

Touchscreen Control Panel

Our Victorum EAHP system controller is responsible for controlling a variety of functions and features for your home including setting the time and temperature for your domestic hot water cylinder and central heating zones. For information on all of the functionality of the touchscreen controller consult the homeowners operation and maintenance manual which is available upon request

Ventilation Layouts

Joule provides state of the art ventilation with our InvaVent system. This simple to install and easy to use system is accompanied with full ventilation installation layouts, detailed within these layouts are everything from unit positioning, valve location and external vent termination, reassuring your consultant and installer that they will have a comprehensive support service when it comes installing a Victorum EAHP system.

Complete Solutions

A Victorum Compact retains all of the beneifits of a standard Victorum system while combining both the EAHP unit & cylinder into a single aesthically pleasing cased unit. Its minimalist and unobtrusive design means it is the perfect choice to blend seamlessly into any environment. The Victorum EAHP & Cyclone pre-plumbed cylinder are the perfect combination solution for your DHW, central heating and ventilation needs, working perfectly with steel / aluminium radiators or UFH systems.

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